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bitplane - lush emporium (rating: 7.08)
releasedate: Oct 14, 2009
a lush blend of electronic styles - electro, breaks, trance, drumnbass.. there must be something you like ;)
typemismatch - observer (rating: 6.62)
releasedate: Jun 23, 2009
techno in its purest form
typemismatch - transient (rating: 7.58)
releasedate: May 1, 2008
You might want to light a joint while listening to this mesmerising techno record
While the internet has provided us with the tools for a free-flow of creativity, record labels are anxiously trying to control this flow and profit from it financially, thereby diminishing creative development. You want some nice background music with your youtube video? You'll have to pay, or you'll get some ugly banner. You want to use a sample from a track in your own record? You'll have to pay. You want to check what some artist is about? You'll get a short, lowquality sample at best.

We believe music wants to be free. Music wants to be heard. Not just the 'big' artists, on which record labels spend millions to get to sell. It should be you who decides what artist deserves the credit, not some rich label boss that isn't even in it for the music.

We aim to deliver good music for free; you decide wether it's worth listening to. You can freely copy it to your friends, you can use it in your video's, you can listen to it as much as you want. If you like it, give the artist the credit he or she deserves. If you have any money to spare, give a donation. If you don't, no problem. This way, the best artists receive the most credit, not just the artists with the biggest budget.

Each and every track mentioned on this site is downloadable for free. They're released with one of the Creative Commons license types, encouraging music to flow like - we believe - it should.